Why blog?

It’s not art it’s food, was created to showcase the varied recipes I make.   To blog seemed like natural progression.  Stage one was having a fully functional kitchen. Now that might not seem like such a big deal but when you move into a house with tiny bench space, or in a share house it’s almost impossible to cook.  Stage 2. Now that I had a functioning kitchen I needed to look, discover and experiment with meals outside my ‘norm’ weekly repeat.   Stage 3. A small house means oodles and oodles of recipe books are a thing of the past, there is no room!  Therefore I went searching for recipe software. A way I could store all my wonderful recipes with ease, meal plan without a hassle and create shopping lists with the touch of a button, literally!  Enter stage 4, My mobile phone had died beyond repair, so I, like the rest of the world joined the iphone revolution and now upload my shopping list to my grocery gadget application and tick off the items as I buy them.  I’ve found my husband can also edit this list and occasionally the odd item pops up that I don’t remember entering, like kitten *rolls eyes*.  Stage 5. Do what the rest of the world is doing and blog about it!


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