I know how to make ‘real’ ice cream. But just never had the time. I made it for special occasions. However in my thirst for making everything from scratch, I have revisited ice cream. This is a cheats version. It doesn’t take the time of conventional methods. Only five minutes to make the base. I apologise in advance. Because this post, unlike my normal posts only really caters for people with thermo cookers. Ie thermomix, Bellini, thermochef etc. and an ice cream churn. However having said that, I can’t see why you can’t make it on the stove top. You would just need to stand there and stir it, monitoring the heat 🙂 I guess if you don’t have an ice cream churn just stick it in the freezer and blend it up every four hours. You would need to do this about two or three times though.

I searched and searched unsuccessfully for ice cream recipes that used 600ml of cream. Because I like making 2 litres at a time and hate little bits of leftover cream sitting in the fridge. So last night I decided to trial my own and guess what it worked!



Vanilla ice cream

Recipe By: Me
Serving Size: 2
Main Ingredient: Vanilla
Categories: Ice cream

-= Ingredients =-
3 each Eggs
2 each Egg yolks
190 gram sugar
600 ml Cream
1 1/2 cup Milk
4 each Vanilla beans ; split or 4 teaspoons of vanilla paste

-= Instructions =-
Put all ingredients in bowl of thermo cooker and cook for 7 minutes on Speed 3 at 80 degrees. Chill overnight in fridge and then churn according to your ice cream instructions. For the kitchen aid ice cream attachment set to speed 1 for 20 minutes. Once churned and resembles soft serve consistency, transfer to a container and store in freezer.

  1. Margie Arnold says:

    Hi, just wondering with this icecream recipe. 3 each eggs and 2 each egg yoks. Do you mean 3 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks? Please I am new to thermochef world and usually bleand a version similer to this but do not cook it. this sound yummy and looks delish, just confused about the eggs.

    • Hi Margie we have just got Internet back. So sorry for the delayed reply. 3 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks is correct 🙂 let me know how you go 🙂

      • Margie Arnold says:

        Many thanks for the reply, sorry for the incorrect spelling on my previous post, pays to use computer and wear my glasses. Yep I will most definately let you know. Thankyou again for your reply x

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