Another for the lunch box – Lemon, Olive & Feta Hummus

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Biscuits, Cooking with kids
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This is an absolute favourite here and one that is commonly found in the lunch box of my wee little man. It takes just minutes to make in the food processor and makes enough to keep us all going for a week at least. The kids can dip into it with crackers, carrot or celery sticks and best of all you know that it is healthy and free of preservatives! Get the kids to help. Read the recipe with them and measure the ingredients. An incidental maths lesson!

Note: – I haven’t tried it with preserved lemon. I have a great lemon powder that my mother in law gave me which works a treat. A real lemon would work too. I also make it when I don’t have olives (as in the pic!)

Lemon, Olive & Feta Hummus

Recipe By: Delicious Sept 05 pg 106
Serving Size: 6
Main Ingredient: Chickpeas
Categories: Vegetables, Snacks, Side Dish, Sauces, Appetizers

-= Ingredients =-
200 g Marinated feta in oil
425 g Chick peas ; rinsed, drained
2 each Garlic ; cloves chopped roughly
1/4 each Preserved lemon ; white pith and flesh discarded, rind roughly chopped *
2/3 cup Mint leaves ; plus extra to garnish
2 tbsp Greek yoghurt ; thick
1/3 cup Kalamata olives ; pitted 50g chopped plus extra to garnish
1/3 cup Olive oil and grissini ; (bread) to serve

-= Instructions =-
Drain the in feta, reserving 2 tbsp of the oil. Combine the reserved oil, feta, chickpeas, garlic, preserved lemon, mint and yoghurt in a food processor and process until combined and creamy. Transfer to a bowl, then stir in chopped olives and season to taste. Serve hummus topped with extra olives and mint leaves and drizzled with olive oil. Serve with grissini.


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