Parmesan and Sesame Crumple-Crackers

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Biscuits, Cooking with kids

I have been quiet. It seems almost impossible to get everything done in a day, that I need to get done. However I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like this. I don’t know whether I am totally crazy or just craving organisation. But on top of my already incredible workload, I have also signed up for the Organise House Wife 20 day challenge. I’ve made it to day three and thank goodness it’s an easy day as I’m feeling fluey and under the weather. I must admit though my spirits picked up as soon as I started to clean up and get organised.

My recipe this week comes from an old recipe book of mine – 100 Favourite cakes and biscuits by Alison Holst. I’ve been looking for a good savoury cracker for a while. One that is free of preservatives and every other additive. These are so moorish I can’t keep my hand out of the tin! They are also a fun activity to do with the kids and healthy enough to pack for their lunches. I’ve taken to changing the ingredients as well. I have reduced the water and added sweet chilli sauce. If you don’t have parmesan use cheddar and let me know what flavour combinations you come up with 🙂

My little helper

A tip: – Roll them as thin as possible. Then you will get more of a cracker bite.

Parmesan and Sesame Crumple-Crackers
Recipe By: 100 Favourite cakes & biscuits – Alison Holst
Serving Size: 40
Main Ingredient: Parmesan
Categories: Kid Friendly, Biscuits

-= Ingredients =-
2 cups High grade bread flour
2 teaspoon Baking powder
3/4 cup Parmesan ; finely grated
3 tablespoon sesame seeds ; toasted
2 tablespoon Poppy seeds
1/2 cup Water ; bath temperature
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoon Avocado or olive oil
1/4 cup Water ; hot, extra

-= Instructions =-
Heat oven to 160’C (150’C fanbake), with the rack just below the middle.

Measure the first five ingredients into a food processor or large bowl. Pour the first amount of hot water into a 1 cup measure, stir in the salt and sugar until dissolved, then add the oil. Process the dry ingredients in bursts (or toss them together with a fork). While you add the hot liquid mixture in a steady stream. Add as much of the remaining hot water as you need to form a ball of soft dough.

Cut the dough into four parts, and put three aside in a plastic bag. Roll out the other piece VERY thinly on a floured board, using extra flour to stop it sticking, making an oval shape bigger than an A4 page. Cut in half (lengthwise), then cut each half into 10-12 tall, thin (pennant shaped) triangles, with alternate narrow bases and points on the cut edge. (Perfect shaped aren’t necessary and outside edges need not be trimmed). Prick crackers with a fork or skewer. Place on a metal cake rack to make, crumpling but not folding them.

Bake them on the rack for 10-15 minutes, until pale gold but dry and very crisp. Lower heat and cook longer if necessary. Repeat with remaining pieces of dough. When cold, store in airtight containers, reheating if crackers soften on storage. (Flavour develops fully after about 12 hours).

  1. Ally says:

    These took a little bit longer than the 10-15 mins in my crapola oven, but worth the wait! Next time I go to a party and have to take a plate, I’m volunteering for the cheese and biscuits 😀

  2. Kat says:

    Oh yes I don’t seem to have the best oven either! Mine always take longer. But I just sit and wait 🙂

  3. Shayne and Sharon says:

    Awesome Kat. I will give these a try. I am also doing the 20 day challenge and three of my neighbours have joined me. So far so good. Sorry I pulled out of catching up the other day. We went to a close friends sons birthday. He has autism and turned 15 and just had a few close friends around for lunch. Lachlan was pretty good for that but went down hill and got really tired by the afternoon. The fever thing went round all the kids in the street and he now has a moist cough we are trying to get on top of! Hey, if you are keen CF is having their great strides day on Oct 21 at 9.30 down at the esplanade. Walk up and back the esplanade and registration is free! BBQ and face painting etc. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sharon

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