Urgh – Children’s birthday cakes

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Cakes, Cooking with kids
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Does anyone else get chills when their child’s birthday looms closer? It seems that the good old butter cream cakes are a thing of the past and if you can’t roll the fondant out, you just aren’t cutting it in the birthday party arena. Mr 3 had his birthday end of February and I took it in my stride. To be honest I don’t know how I managed the task at hand. I must have been insane. I handed E the Planet Cake Cookbook along with the Women’s Weekly faithfuls and told him to pick. Surely he’ll pick the Women’s Weekly right? Wrong. Planet cake it was and cupcakes at that, 24 of the suckers. Cute ladybugs were on order and good ole mum can do anything, so cupcakes were on. Crazy! With an infant and a toddler that don’t take no for an answer, cooking ladybug cupcakes was going to be quite a challenge. I have joked that this is why you should only have one child, as the thought of performing under pressure more than once a year is more than terrifying! And I’ve just realised I’m going to have to perform again later this year, give me strength hehe.

I cooked the cupcakes the night before and injected them with syrup to ensure they didn’t dry out. Before sealing them completely and placing them in the refrigerator. When it came to rolling the fondant I decided to use my Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment. This was perfect as it made the icing a precise thickness.

In the end I realised that provided you have the tools children’s birthday cakes aren’t that hard. I may find myself having to repeat this mantra in September!

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