Make your own Vanilla Extract

Posted: May 1, 2011 in How to
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For some time now I have been wanting to make my own vanilla extract. I started collecting my vanilla pods in advance at each market and waited for my husbands next trip overseas. A time when he could buy a bottle duty free without having to top up the bourbon stocks. However it turned out that I was able to get my hands on vodka prior to then and lucky for my cooking, I was pregnant so it wasn’t likely be ‘tested’ before I got to make the extract.

How To: –

Vanilla extract consists of vodka, and as many vanilla pods as you can get. I splurged on these and bought good quality daintree vanilla pods. I split the beans and popped them in the bottle. My bottle was a litre. I used about 8 pods from memory. I then stored it in a dark cool place and watched it immediately start to permeate the bottle before my eyes. 3 months is the ideal time frame to let it sit for. It’s a good thing that I’m pregnant because vanilla flavoured vodka smells so good!

There is a world of difference in the taste of your baking when using home made vanilla extract as opposed to cheap vanilla essence. The best trial food? Vanilla cupcakes!

From now on I will make sure I always have my own vanilla extract in the pantry.


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