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Posted: December 14, 2010 in Dough, Pizza

Meatlovers pizzaAs it nears closer to Christmas, the rain just seems to get heavier and more frequent. With the drop in temperature and the wet weather setting in, there is no reason for us to venture outdoors, but instead, enjoy the rain on the tin room in the comfort of the our home and feast on home made pizzas. I make pizzas at least two times a month, and yes it does rain that much! Each time I cook them, I try a different alternative. This time round I made Aussie chicken, bacon and egg pizza and a meatlover extraordinaire. The only problem is trying to remember all the ingredients.

I never am game enough to try another version of pizza base since coming across Karen Martini’s pizza dough recipe. Although I have altered it a bit, I found it too wet. The ingredients remain the same. Semolina in pizza is amazing! It creates a great pizza crust. Give it a try.
Pizza dough
Pizza Dough
Recipe By: adapted from Karen Martini’s
Serving Size: 2
Cuisine: Italian
Categories: Pizza, Bread

-= Ingredients =-
600 grams Strong Flour
100 grams Semolina
350 mililiters Water
50 mililiters Olive Oil
8 gram Yeast
10 grams Salt

-= Instructions =-
Whisk water, oil and yeast together.
Sift flour, semolina and salt together in a mixing bowl.
With mixer on low and dough hook attached, add the wet ingredients all at once and then raise speed to high.
Mix until you have a silky smooth dough; about 10 minutes.
Leave to prove for as long as you can – overnight is ideal. I have never been organised enough to let the dough prove overnight – 4 hours maximum and it still works fine. Once dough is ready divide into two portions and roll out over a floured surface. Add semolina to the tray prior to placing on top and parbaking in a preheated 180′ oven until lightly golden, about 10-15 mins.

Aussie chicken, bacon & egg pizza

Aussie Chicken, Bacon & Egg Pizza
1 serving of passata/ tomato paste
fresh herbs – oregano, basil etc
1 x onion finely sliced
1/2 x capsicum, diced
3 x mushrooms, sliced
2 x chicken breasts, diced
4 x bacon rashers, diced
3 x eggs
mozzarella, grated
cheddar cheese grated

Fry chicken in olive oil until browned, remove and add bacon, onion and capsicum. Fry eggs sunny side up, until cooked through. Add tomato paste to pizza base with herbs. Place chicken, bacon, onion, capsicum and mushrooms to pizza, finishing with egg and cheese grated on top. Cook in oven 180′ until cheese is melted and base golden.

Meatlovers Pizza
1 serving of passata/ tomato paste
fresh herbs – oregano, basil etc
1 x onion, diced
100g x beef mince
2 x chorizo sausages, sliced
3 x rashers, bacon
1/2 x red capsicum, diced
3 x mushrooms, sliced
50g x black olives, sliced
50g x semi dried tomatoes, cut in half
mozarella, grated
cheddar cheese, grated

Fry meat, chorizo, mince and bacon. Add onion, and capsicum. Put tomato passata/ paste with fresh herbs on parbaked pizza base. Add meat, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, semi dried tomatoes and olives. Finish with cheese and bake in a preheated 180′ oven until cheese has melted and base is golden.

Serve and enjoy!

  1. Heather Ferguson says:

    We had the Meatlovers Pizza last night and loved it. I really like your Pizza Base recipe, it’s not difficult at all and it tastes authentic. Thank you for your recipe.

  2. Heather Ferguson says:

    To make the pizza dough I used my dough hook attachment on my hand mixer instead of the bread maker.

  3. Keryn says:

    so my pizza is cooking, have to say so far that I’m pleased the dough was beautful and elastic. So glad I restocked my yeast, I think my last lot had died 😦 new batch is full of life. I’ll let you know how the end product turns out

  4. Keryn says:

    yeps, that was pretty good, the crust was crusty the base didn’t go soggy (even though I didn’t prebake it) and it was soft and fluffy.

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