Butter chicken Naan bread

December is the time of year for Christmas parties. So rather than redo the usual Christmas fare, my friends and I decided to work on an Indian feast. Ok I’ll be honest, the main reason was that it could be done with ease, on a working week night, with little fuss. So it was a sure-fire winner!

Butter Chicken – Slow cooked
Recipe By: taste forum slow cooker thread
Serving Size: 4
Cuisine: Indian

-= Ingredients =-
500 grams chicken thigh fillets ; chopped
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic ; finely chopped
2 tbs butter
2 teaspoons garam masala
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
2 teaspoons ground coriander
1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger ; (or 1/2 tsp ground)
1/4 teaspoon chilli powder
1 cinnamon stick ; (or 1 tsp ground)
6 cardamom pods ; bruised (or 1-2 tsp seeds or ground)
2 tbs tomato paste
400 grams tin tomatoes
1 tbs sugar
Salt ; and pepper
1/2 cup cream ; plus extra if desired
Coriander ; for garnishing

-= Instructions =-
Heat a little oil in a large frypan and brown chicken. Transfer to preheating slow cooker.
Add the onion and garlic to the pan, frying gently until the onion is softened. Add butter and spices, and continue frying gently until spices are fragrant.
Add tomato paste, tomatoes, sugar, salt and pepper and increase heat to med – med/high. Simmer for a few minutes, stirring until mixture has thickened. Add cream and stir well to combine.
Remove from heat and pour into slow cooker, stirring to distribute the sauce evenly. Replace lid and slow cook for ½ hour on high, then about 3-5 hours on low, stirring occasionally .

*Remove cardamom and cinnamon stick. Add extra cream or yoghurt to taste. Garnish with plenty of freshly chopped coriander, mango chutney, raita and naan bread.

Basic Raita
Recipe By: Kat
Serving Size: 4
Cuisine: Indian
Main Ingredient: Yogurt
Categories: Side Dish, Sauces

-= Ingredients =-
2 cups Yoghurt – natural
1 cup Cucumber ; deseeded and grated (squeeze out juice)
2 tablespoon Mint ; finely chopped
1 clove garlic ; crushed
1 dash Lemon ; juice
1 teaspoon garam masala

-= Instructions =-
Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and stir well to combine. If you don’t have all ingredients, yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and a dash of lemon is great too.

  1. Keryn says:

    Can’t wait to give this a crack!

  2. Keryn says:

    Slow cooker is on…. mmm Tastes awesome already – Thanks Kat there will be happy bellies tonight!

  3. Heather Ferguson says:

    Butter chicken is so easy and so delicious and Naan bread always goes down well. Will be doing tis one again.

  4. Heather Ferguson says:

    Also had Riata with this dish too and thought it topped it off with it’s “cool taste”. Will make sure I have more yoghurt next time so I can make more.

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